Sunday, 12 February 2012


2 years......yes 2 years i waited for her....never said why me? but only thought of getting her....and finally she's mine....totally!

It all started when i saw her 1st time on a TV Channel. She was beautiful, took my heart love at first sight.I was totally admiring her beauty....telling my mom (who was beside me more interested in watching a 'Kannada Movie' (yuks raise to 2) ) that she's "THE ONE".I had never felt like this before. She was flaunting her beauty in front of me and as a guy, I fell prey to her beauty. I always thought that I would never fall in love but she proved me wrong. But I am happy that I was wrong.
 I admit that i am still an amateur in case of 'geared' beauties like her.....but you know you always want something which is hard to achieve and maintain. People laugh at you and make you feel embarrassed. Normally every other day I used to hear the same thing “abhi tak aata nahi chalane?”.Those were the hardest days of my life. Everyday my confidence shattered when I used to hear those words. But now, she’s with me and she will help me pass through this and show others what I can really do.
I know she will be with me even in my bad times and this Valentine’s Day I promise her that I will keep her happy and will love her to death.


  1. Excellent Effort Avinash, Keep Posting and Applying SEO knowledge ...

    All the best ..

  2. Thank You very much sir..... :-)